Prakash Poornan: E-Reader or Traditional Book

Prakash Poornan is an avid reader, and he knows that it can be hard to decide between buying a book off the shelf or buying an e-reader. In 2007 when e-readers first came out, there immediately became a huge debate as to which was better, an old fashioned book or an e-reader. Seven Years later the debate continues.


Prakash Poornan sees that the large part of the debate seems to be over. That was the debate on which was better for the environment. After a couple of in-depth studies, one of them by the New York Times, it has been broken down into which is better for the environment from start to end. If you will read less than 40 books on your e-reader each year, then stay with traditional books. If you will read more than 40 books on an e-reader, then get an e-reader. It is not the case that e-readers are just friendlier to the environment. Everything that goes into making them, plus how long they will last, as well as transportation, all go into the deciding of which if more environmentally friendly.


If the environment is not the main issue for you when deciding which to buy, then Prakash Poornan knows you can some help in your decision.


•    Instant Gratification. E-readers beat books hands down in this category.

•    Price: E-readers will also win this one (unless you only purchase books under a dollar from a used bookstore.)

•    How much space do you have for your collection? Again e-readers win this.

•    Traveling with books? Yes again, e-readers are easier to travel with.

•    Readability: Changing text size and sometimes background to make it easier to read is all available with the e-reader and not traditional books.

•    Out of Print books? You can find them in hard format or on the e-reader, but it may take a lot of searching top find a full copy where the e-reader copy is likely available.

•    Easy to use? Here the book reigns supreme. You just open it. An e-reader needs to be charged, and the books can sometimes be sorted in a way you are not accustomed to.

•    The feel and presence. The feel and presence of an e-reader is non-existent however a traditional book can offer a comforting presence.

•    Good gift? They both are but the e-reader is a good (and expensive) gift you only give once. You can buy the newest hot book and wrap it, and you have a nice affordable gift.


Prakash Poornan understands that there are many pros and cons for each, and many more than are listed here, it is important to decide why you are buying an e-reader or a book. That understanding of why you are buying one or the other will likely guide in the proper course.


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