Power Paws Assistance Dogs of Scottsdale, Arizona (Photos)

I am proud to know and work with the valley's own "Power Paws Assistance Dogs, Inc.

This is my second year in a row that I've been asked and excited to happily accepted, to be involved in their Summer Sessions with kids and pups! I teach the kids basic pet care and we have so much fun!

Right now, Power Paws is in need of "Puppy Raisers." Puppy raisers are people who love, train and socialize the puppies into adult hood.

As a puppy raiser you will social the puppy by taking it as many places as you can. Everywhere! Parks, construction sites, grocery stores, restaurants and and around people and children! You will attend 5 weeks of puppy kindergarten and then three training classes per month.

Meetings are offered at various places throughout the Valley, including Ahwatukee, Tempe, East Mesa and Scottsdale.

There is so much more information but I am going to leave you with an email address so they can answer all of your questions.

Power Paws Assistance Dogs is owned and operated by Robyn and Shosanna Ables. Meg Flynn is the manager and right hand person to everything Power Paws! They have incredible people that meet with them ever day such as Carey, one of the puppy trainers and volunteers.

The dogs and the kids at the summer sessions are incredible to work with. The children get the dogs used to being around all sizes of kids and expose them to many things. Their summer sessions also include my basic pet care session, dog training, learning how to brush their dogs teeth and how to groom them, and even learning what it feels like to be disabled. They do this by having the amazing Eileen Gottlieb come in and teach a class that restricts their mobility. She may have them tie one hand behind their back and try to make a sandwich, or peel a banana, all with just the one hand. They also use blind folds and work around the room to imagine how it feels to be without the use of their eyes. Eileen has a son who has a Power Paws Assistance dog, "Mitch" whom I've had the honor of meeting several times. Eileen, her son and Mitch are making such a difference is so many peoples lives!

If you are interested in learning more about becoming a Puppy Raiser, please Email Meg at: Meg@azpowerpaws.org. or go to their website at: www.azpowerpaws.org.

If you are unable to become a puppy raiser but would like to help, Power Paws is a Non-Profit 501 C-3 and would forever appreciate any donations big or small. What a great cause for a Girl Scout or Boy Scout Troop to raise and donate to!

They also have an on-line store so check them out! You will be amazed at this incredible organization!

Thanks pet friends!

Kim MacCrone

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