Patio Umbrellas Canada - What To Consider Before Buying?

You might be considering buying a patio umbrella in Canada. That must be for your business promotional activity.

Before that, you must know how to buy such an umbrella. This way you don’t end up wasting money or efforts. Read the pointers below that can help you with the same decision. 

Choose the available colors.

The color choice of patio umbrellas in Canada is a must. It should depict your brand logo or image. Or at least, be similar to that. And choose bright dark colors when you are opening your restaurant in the sunlight out in the open.

However, if you are opening your restaurant or club late at night, then light colors would do the trick, catching customer’s attention better in the dark. 

Check the available or adjustable height.

There are patio umbrellas in Canada, ranging from 5 to 9 feet in height. Some of them might be adjustable as well. For that, you need to check the website or talk to any helper from that vendor. 

If you want to have more customers under one table, it’s best to go for a higher stand or taller patio umbrella. If you are planning for romantic settings, you can use smaller ones to give a cosy and private feeling to the patrons.

Check which type of printing options is available.

Go for those patio umbrellas Canada, which can have your brand or business’ customized design. That’s necessary when you are fully professional. You do not want to look untidy, unprofessional, or non-serious to your patrons.

To get a loyal customer reach, let them identify your brand from afar. For this, patio umbrellas are the best with customized designs. These designs must be under your budget with assurance of reliability and durability. 

Check whether you can order the umbrellas in bulk.

Ordering promotional patio umbrellas for your restaurants, club, lounges, or events in Canada is a must. It will help you optimize the necessary cost charged for every piece.

To ensure the bulk order quantity limits, talk to the seller or the chosen vendor for the customized patio umbrellas. 

Check whether the umbrella fabric if fibreglass or aluminium

The aluminium patio umbrellas are less expensive and lighter than their fibreglass counterparts. Thus, you can purchase aluminium ones if your budget isn’t that large. Also, the aluminium patio umbrellas in Canada are easily moveable. So, if you are arranging your sittings a lot, you can use them instead of fibreglass umbrellas, which are best for fixed locations.

Conclusion: is one of the classic websites which you must prefer for your upcoming patio umbrella needs in Canada. They have an ever-growing range of fibreglass and aluminium patio umbrellas for different kinds of promotional activities. 


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