Pastor Sun Hui East on How to Get Involved in Jail Ministries

Pastor Sun Hui East has become known as a respected pastor, author, and producer. With over 27 books and 10 films to her name, Pastor Sun Hui East has devoted her life to spreading the Christian message since becoming a Christian at age 25. In addition to her professional pursuits, Pastor Sun Hui East is involved in a number of different philanthropic ministries. For instance, Pastor Sun Hui East regularly contributes in any way she can to ministries that are devoted to feeding the poor and homeless around the world.

However, one of Pastor Sun Hui East’s greatest passions is jail ministries. Pastor Sun Hui East believes that Christians are called to care for those in prison, so she encourages her audiences to get involved in jail ministries in any way they can. In addition, Pastor Sun Hui East regularly participates in outreaches to prisons and offers support to a variety of prison ministries.

According to Pastor Sun Hui East, there are a wide variety of ways to get involved with jail ministries. To get started, Pastor Sun Hui East recommends talking to someone at your church to find out which jail ministries they support. By working with an established organization, you can ensure that your efforts will actually make a difference within your local jails.

Once you have identified a respected organization to work with, there are a number of ways you can contribute. Pastor Sun Hui East suggests taking one or more of the following steps in order to get involved:

  • Volunteer for a specific outreach program. Pastor Sun Hui East has found that most jail ministries organize a wide variety of programs. As a volunteer, you could help lead a bible study, join a group of people that develop one-on-one relationships with inmates, or help out at special evangelistic events.
  • Join the prayer team. Most Christian jail ministries maintain a regular prayer team that is responsible for praying for all of the different activities and outreaches.
  • Take a course to learn more about jail ministries. Pastor Sun Hui East explains that learning more about prison culture or mentoring can be highly useful to volunteers.
  • Contribute financially. Unsurprisingly, jail ministries need constant financial support in order to continue offering their services to inmates. Even the smallest contribution can make a big difference in someone’s life.

No matter how you choose to contribute to a jail ministry, Pastor Sun Hui East reports that the activity is highly rewarding since you can make a tangible difference in your community.



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