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TESOL Online
TESOL courses are open and at the same time and you can log in at any time. Content is presented via weekly modules, each taking 10 or more hours to complete. All the materials you will need for the course are available on TESOL's online course platform. The cost for the materials is included in the registration fee. Course activities may include individual activities, critical reading, virtual classroom discussions, case studies, live chats, videos, group assignments, projects, and more. Our instructors will provide you with timely feedback. There will be a pass/fail basisevaluation.

By registering for a TESOL Online Course I understand that:
1) Courses have need of a serious commitment and daily attention. If I know that I will be traveling or not have internet access for a period of time during this program, I should take it at a different time during which I can commit to full participation.
2) I will spend at least 10 hours a week on each online course. More may be required depending on my understanding of the materials and the time it takes to read all postings and participate fully in the course.
3) I MUST read the opening messages at the start of each module each time I log into the online course platform. I understand that the instructor posts essential and/or useful information that will help me throughout the course.
4) I will do my best to post all discussion responses and submit all assignments on time. If for some reason, I cannot submit an assignment on time, I will send the instructor a personal email at least 24-hours prior to the due date/time.
5) I may be given an opportunity to re-submit my work if the instructor feels this opportunity is warranted. Anyway, re-submitted assignments won’t get full marks, and won’t be accepted more than 5 days after the original due date.
6) I have the English language skills, specifically writing and reading comprehension, to actively contribute to online discussions in this course. I understand that this is an academic course, and that “text language” is not appropriate.
7) Certification courses offer a base understanding in teaching English as a second language with focus on methods and approaches to TESOL.

TESOL Certification
TESOL Certification Course Objectives:
- Examine and evaluate the core facts of teaching ESL.
- Create ESL lesson plans.
- Assess and compare methods and approaches to TESOL.
- Facilitate successful communication in a cross-cultural learning environment.

Upon Enrollment You Receive
- Online or in-class TESOL training
- Textbook(s)
- 3 e-books
- TESOL teacher resources

Upon Completion You Receive
- TESOL certification(s)
- Optional teacher placement
- Ongoing continuing education and job placement support

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