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Each upgrade using an abysmal class will go through the following chain: revealing the idea art of stirring, installing on test servers, collecting various user reviews and, finally, installing on official servers.Also, if I properly understood the translation of the second query, the programmers will attempt to adhere to the general idea of  BNS Revolution gold awakened classes that they have already developed, however the names might change in the process.

Further, if I understand correctly, we're talking about an important component as gear that is new, because rotations can change drastically. The developers claim that there's no need to be concerned about this, as they have prepared a number of steps to facilitate this process each time a specialization appears. An event is going to be established that will allow you to swap equipment convenient, in order to speak, under the current meta.

By the way, for this reason, in recent updates, spontaneous harm was eliminated so that all of your equipment would fit any build.Also, a rather interesting question was asked as to whether the function of changing equipment is constant, only from the answer it will become apparent it is quite tough to implement, because continuous support is required for a number of reasons. But, programmers are still thinking about this issue.Perhaps, since the announcement of this transition from the Unreal Engine 3 to 4, every user has asked the question"When?" A thousand times, which is very difficult for programmers to reply.

The initial plan of action was to transfer the game to a newer and more potent motor, that's only, of course, questions like"And what will change?" Poured in. We can say that this is why the team has moved from the plan for just changing the game engine, they increased a more grandiose idea to create, so to speak, a remaster variant, fitting Blade and Soul to the present modern level of Buy Blade and Soul Revolution goldquality.The updated notion of this undertaking should be revealed in the not too distant future, though I personally like the new approach more than simply transferring the present structure to a different engine.


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