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After becoming the market leader in making the best and advanced digital printers for industrial purposes, announces its new design with updated features in every digital industrial printer. If you are someone working in the printing industry for years, then you know how important it is to have efficient printing machines for large format industrial printing. Being a manufacturer, designer and supplier of solvent printers,wood printer, UV printers, eco solvent printer and more, has developed its own research center, where the experts can design the most advanced technology to meet the expectations of their clients in the best possible manner.

These days, wallpaper printing has become one of the greatest trends and each day, the market value of wallpaper printing is getting higher. Traditional printing methods are now unable to meet the standard of international companies, which is why allows organizations to purchase their high-tech wallpaper printers with amazing features such as:

1) Easy printing and compatibility- Wallpaper UV printer is a simple printing solution, which is compatible with various industries and printing materials. It does not need plate making and a single operator can operate the machine without any hassles.

2) Accurate Printing position- Unlike traditional printing methods, this UV wallpaperprinter from has automation control technology and can find the right position where a need to be printed, and it can even print 4 to 5 colors at the same time which meet the requirements of business owners.

3) Color transition pictures- Many customers need color transition for attractive logo and labels, which is a complicated stuff, but with this wallpaper printer, you get high-resolution pictures and prints on different materials

The company was founded in 2007 in Shanghai and since then, it has been developing the best printing solutions for the global printing industry. From Tension Ceiling Printer to Eco solvent printer, each machine is designed after a variety of quality checks so that you do not face any issue while using them. offers the highest standard packaging with the description of each product and their after sale service team is there to help you in the maintenance and use. If you want to get the fastest printing results without investing much, then these industrial printers should be your only choice for a better production.

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