McDonalds and High Tech Irrigation

Today’s irrigation systems are wonders of technology as well as agricultural development. These systems have taken on a vast footprint in the world of food production as well as lawns, fields, parks and gardens throughout the country. Advanced sprinkler systems have been deployed in water challenged areas to efficiently deliver water to areas that need strategic watering throughout the day. This is especially useful in areas that see rain at disparate locations belonging to one organization.

For example, if you can imagine having to drive all over a city to turn off sprinklers in the event of an afternoon rain then you can sympathize with some of the challenges that school districts and city parks systems have to deal with. Thankfully advanced systems that feature smart controllers have the ability to automatically adjust daily watering based on the weather. These systems are fitted with microprocessors and antennas that receive real-time weather information that is local in nature and can receive satellite information as well. As you can imagine the ability for these control systems to turn off watering or reduce it have made it a tremendously resourceful and efficient system that does not waste water.

At the heart of the systems is a central control that is increasingly being driven by software. Intelligent systems are able to monitor water usage, whether and the state of the delivery systems themselves. Irrigation systems are combination of valves, controls and the pipes that deliver water. Having intelligent sensors and smart interactive abilities is an evolution that is welcome in the field of irrigation. For individuals that are dedicated to agricultural pursuits, having intelligent valve control, monitoring and sensors that can indicate moisture content in the air, temperature and the weather are incredibly beneficial to the output of existing agricultural operations.

Jeffry Hill is an expert at implementing high-tech irrigation. It is a skill that has evolved greatly over the last 10, 20 and 30 years. It is increasingly focused on efficiency and computer technology so it is more than pipes and glue. There are a variety of ultrasonic elements that are integrated as well as an engineering perspective that have to be implemented in the construction, maintenance and repair of the system. In some locations there are even solar power elements that keep the environment running and make the systems more portable to remote locations. By integrating the best of technology in something as classic as organized farming itself, benefits to farming have pushed the boundaries of efficient and sensible farming. Hill is proud of the work that he is done in this field and looks forward to the next great innovations to come out of the business as well. For more information about Jeffry Hill visit :-


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