Max Free: Why Germany was a Favorite in the World Cup

Max Free is an Ecommerce and ITSM Recruitment professional who chooses to balance his busy work schedule with playing football. Football is the most popular sport in the world which Max Free believes is for due reason, as he dubs it the greatest sport on Earth. Max Free showed off his knowledge of the game by correctly predicting the winner of this year's World Cup (Germany) months before the event even began.


Max Free says he began leaning towards favoring Germany due to their experience playing together. Germany, while lacking the presence of a superstar player such as Messi, has been able to keep their core of productive players for several years now. Football is a sport that highlights teamwork over individual play and Max Free was aware of how this would give Germany a considerable advantage. During all of Germany's World Cup matches it was obvious how their experience playing together was a factor, especially during their match with the host team Brazil. During this game Germany scored 4 goals in the span of only 6 minutes, which was a feat unseen by even the most seasoned football fans. The reason for this outburst of scoring was Germany's skillful passing which opened up opportunities that Brazil had no chance in defending; Germany's chemistry was so exceptional it was almost as if they did not have to look to know where their teammates were standing on the field.


Football is also a game that requires immense endurance and stamina, says Max Free. It is a game that, unlike most other major sports, has no timeouts or breaks in game play, which means that a player must be able to maintain energy for a full 45 minutes. Germany has a world-class training staff and places special emphasis in stocking a team full of durable players, so that if any individual player suffers from injury or penalty then an able substitute is always ready for replacement.


Confidence, says Max Free, is another quality of a winning football team. Germany is not a team light on confidence, as they have experienced historical success as a unit and many of their players play for successful club football teams when the World Cup is not in session. In times of pressure or adversity a team must rely on its confidence and teamwork to come through in the clutch, and the World Cup presents pressure situations like none other. For all of these reasons, Max Free was acutely able to scope out Germany as his World Cup favorite months before the event commenced.


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