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Music is the best language to spill your deepest emotions in the most rhythmic way, it doesn’t matters what instrument you pick or how high your pitch goes, it’s beautiful because it’s music. The world is dedicated to some beautiful song writers, which are a source of hope for them. Of course, it is a dream of everyone to become a source of music, which is admired by everyone. If you want to create a settled career in music industry, then Loren Israel is the man who could help you out.

He is LA-based song writing teacher, who is an A&R consultant, record producer, and is specialized in finding and developing new talents. Loren Israel has already worked in the Artist and Repertoire department of Capitol Records, where he has worked with one of the most amazing singers, Coldplay. He has been the A&R representative department of Capitol Records for 15 years. He offers a 6 month song writing course, which is a boon to each one of you who is eager to show the world, your own passion to music. He helps the raw talent just like a potter helps a piece of clay, with all his knowledge and experience; he can turn your raw talent to a professional one. He is one of the most hardworking and honest teacher of all times.

Every artist needs someone, who can upheld him to a level from competitions, which is why Loren Israel can be the best source of success to you. He explains how the importance of tipping points in a band’s career, and how a solo career can be built strong with signing deals. He always offers quality trips and tricks, which have already created singing stars in this world. He explains how music business is as normal as the other businesses; he adds that there is no mystery in this industry, which means if you are talented, and if you have a serious passion and devotion for music, then Loren Israel is the key to your career.

Loren Israel prefers researching over different aspects of music, so that every time you meet him, he has something new to teach you. He also suggests that pairing up with a good partner could strength you up in many ways. His advices are worth for every rising talent of the world.

If you want to become the most successful music artist, then contact the man of music, Loren Israel.

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