Looking At Opportunistic Infidelity And Why People Jump Into These Situations

People of all ages and backgrounds have to deal with the world of relationships. Whether youre married or dating, there is a chance that you may end up having to face the dreaded conversation about cheating. Looking into this, most people dont want to know what is going on, and others are adamant about finding out. If a partner is unfaithful, the chain of trust that you have with them has been broken, and things can go downward from there. There are various ways to look at lust, infidelity, and the likes. You may think that you have it all figured out, but things arent so black and white in the real world, like they are in movies and television. In order to fully define opportunistic infidelity, youre going to want to look at a few details about how this works, and what percentages of people engage in this type of world.

Is Everyone Cheating?

Heres the scary part about the world of relationships, and its going to be a struggle for some, the numbers indicate that infidelity is huge. In fact, upwards of 70% of women and more than 50% of men engage in some sort of extra affair. This is according to reports from the Associated Press. Simply put, it seems like a great number of people are jumping into relationships with others, and their spouses arent the wiser. The roots of this issue is tough to wrangle, especially when each situation could very well be unique. While some people cheat for the thrill, others do so out of compulsion, and beyond. There is no real way to control this for some, and thats why things can seem so difficult to manage.

Various Types of Infidelity

There are no less than 5 different types of cheating. Cheaters come in all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds. Amidst the various types, youll find that you will see that opportunistic infidelity may be one of the most telling of issues. To fully define this, you need to know that its something that either partner can fall into. To define this simply, its a matter in which a person gives into lust due to circumstances. Whether its due to close proximity with someone, being drunk, or perhaps under other influences. The risky behavior is usually tied to opportunities that reduce their abilities to make reasonable decisions, therefore giving into lust. This is in addition to being with someone else, making it one of the difficult matters of the heart. Now, there are 4 other types of cheating, but this one is definitely problematic due to the opportunistic side of things. If theres no opening for cheating, a person may be faithful due to circumstance.

For instance, if someone were to travel for work. They may feel as though they are in a new location, and lonely. They may be great when at home, but when they are on the road or in the air, they may find someone else to engage in sexual activity. Their lust control could drop, and they may take advantage of the opportunity of not being caught. Since they are on the road, and no one knows them, they can engage in something on the side.

The Guilt Parade

One of the worst things about this type of relationship push is that the individual that commits the act, usually has the weight of conscience on them. They will feel extremely guilty, and will express that in their relationship. Their mood changes, theyll feel as though theyve done something incredibly wrong, and therefore they will either come clean, or they will end up trying to hide it. Over time, however, the guilt subsides. People that start cheating because of opportunities that rise, usually keep going if they can overcome the emotional guilt that comes over them from the initial push forward.

Overcoming The Issue

As far as lust is concerned, its an issue that many people cant seem to overcome. Even those that are happily married, struggle with this very real issue of the heart and mind. Infidelity can strike anyone, and they can give into the longings of the mind, and lust that can overwhelm. In the case of opportunistic infidelity, overcoming may be as simple as avoiding situations that allow for easy access to this type of sexual encounter. This of course is only done if an individual truly wants to walk away from the options that abound. Some may not want to quit, and that poses a different type of activity, even risky behavior. Whatever the case is, the numbers seem to point towards millions of people cheating.
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