Lewis Crutch: Affordable Eating is Achievable

Lewis Crutch understands how difficult it can be to survive on a tight budget. As someone with experience living on a tight budget, Lewis Crutch has been forced to make many difficult decisions about his lifestyle, yet it was these experiences that allowed him to develop a way to eat healthily without any major sacrifices.

Lewis Crutch is the creator and owner of Fiver Feeds, a website that provides many helpful budget-saving tips to people looking for healthy meals that won’t break the bank. Fiver Feeds provides well-researched and consistently updated blog posts and newsletters on fresh, exciting ways to produce high-quality meals for just under $5.

As the head of Fiver Feeds, Lewis Crutch has built a website that provides its users the chance to educate themselves on inexpensive ways to feed themselves and their families. Lewis works through Fiver Feeds to share his love of both saving money and of enjoying quality meals. Individuals and families alike are able to use his website as a money-saving guide to great meal development.

Many people are forced to survive on a strict budget, yet, with the increase of government austerity, inflation and ever-increasing food prices, it may be more difficult than ever to ensure one’s family is receiving the best in nutrition and diet. Lewis Crutch is a firm believer in the power of information and access. Through Fiver Feeds Lewis is able to offer valuable money-saving advice to anyone looking for meals that fit within their means. Lewis Crutch understands that families don’t have to give up on nutrition simply because of a shortage of money. Lewis knows there are many easy ways a family can stop waste while creating balanced, healthy and nutritional meals.

Fiver Feeds was developed by Lewis Crutch to be a strong reference guide for people searching for meal affordability. Lewis consistently produces well-researched blog posts that offer exciting, new ways to make healthy meals. Lewis Crutch also writes a weekly Fiver Feeds newsletter, which is available on a subscription basis. Trimming costs is more important than ever. Fiver Feeds will continue to serve thousands as a money-saving informational resource.  

The inspiration for Fiver Feeds came from Lewis Crutch’s own experiences. Lewis was often forced to both live and eat on a strict budget. This forced Lewis to be creative. Years of food research and experimentation led to money-saving meal innovation. It was through sheer necessity that Lewis Crutch came to develop ways to survive, and to eat, on very limited resources. 


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