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Laurence Werner is a well-recognized professional who, in his spare-time, works as a referee for Squash games. Squash, explains Laurence Werner, is a popular racquet sport that is played all around the world. However, Squash is a relatively recent sport, confirms Laurence Werner.

The International Olympic Committee has officially recognized Squash, which, according to Forbes, is the number 1 healthiest sport to play. For many years, Laurence Werner has practiced the game of Squash, both as a referee, and a player.

According to Laurence Werner, Squash can be played in groups ranging between 2 players each, or 4 players each. This format, continues Laurence Werner, is similar to that of tennis, which is a popular racquet sport that is played around the world and is also featured in the Olympic Games. Laurence Werner says that while both Squash and Tennis have a relatively similar structure, and also, both involve rackets, the sports are contrasted between each other in numerous ways.

For starters, says Laurence Werner, Squash is played in the ‘best-of-five’ format, allowing each game to be considered ‘won’ depending upon whether a player has earned 11 points (or 9 points among female players, respectively) and, as is key, having two of those points being in difference with his/her opponent. Whoever wins a total of 3 games first, according to Laurence Werner, has officially ‘won’ the Squash game, says Laurence Werner.

Other notable differences between the game of Squash and Tennis are as follows:

1. In Squash, the balls are quite small as compared to those of the game of tennis, which are larger and less dense.

2. The speed of the game of tennis is slightly faster than the speed of movement involved with Squash, according to Laurence Werner, however, he continues, it takes great speed to retrieve a ball in the game of Squash.

3. The duration of a game of squash is a bit shorter than the duration of a game of tennis, according to Laurence Werner.

Finally, adds Laurence Werner, there are more similarities than differences between Squash and Tennis, however each sport is unique in a number of ways and, continues Laurence Werner, players are likely to be preferential to one of the two racquet sports than the other, depending upon their individual taste.

If you’re interested in playing Squash, or, would like to get better familiarized with the sport, Laurence Werner suggests you do look-up information about the sports rules’ and other aspects online or better yet, find a local Squash tournament and see how the game’s played for yourself!


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