Landline Texting: Group Texting Feature

Landline texting is an advanced texting solution and it is gaining a lot of popularity because of its amazing features. By using landline texting for business, the companies and organizations can text-enable their landline or toll free number for texting. There are many companies that use this texting to landline solution for more than one number of the company. The landline texting empowers you to access all SMS and MMS from anywhere, at anytime. Along with this, the landline texting for business comes with a wide range of features to benefit companies, enterprises and organizations. In this article, we will talk about one of the most important features of the landline texting, called, group texting.

What Is Group Texting?

The landline texting for business understands the importance of contacts and contacts’ grouping. Let’s understand these features in detail to understand group texting and its utilities and benefits.


The advanced text to landline solutions offered by leading business texting service providers offer a feature called “Contacts”. You can store multiple contacts with all required details in the contact book of your text to landline solution. It is as easy as adding, deleting, and updating a contact in your mobile phone’s contact book.

Contact Grouping

The text to landline solution further allows you to group your contacts based on a certain theme. For example, you can store numbers of your sales executive in a group, called, sales. You can add a group of your all clients that are using your one service such as SEO service in one group, called, SEO clients. You can group all your clients using the basic package in a group, called, Basic. You can give any name to the group and can also edit it. Furthermore, the text to landline solution gives flexibility to add / edit /delete members in a group at any time as well as you can add/ edit / delete a group any time.

Group Texting

It is an advanced texting feature supported by the text to landline solution offered by the landline texting service providers. The steps to use this feature can differ from a service provider to service provider, but the benefits will be the same.

Use of Group Texting

The group texting can be used to send an SMS and / or MMS to a group of people in a one go. For example, if you have an update to be sent to all your sales executives, instead of sending individual SMS to each of them, you can send a group message to all your sales reps in a single click.

Key benefits of group texting:
• Easy to use
• Send a message to multiple people at one go
• Save time
• Save resources
• Save money

Key utilities of group texting:

The group texting can be used for a variety of purposes. Below is the list of key utilities:
• Send alerts
• Send notifications
• Send emergency messages
• Send updates
• Send offers
• Send reminders
• And more


The landline texting for business comes with many features and the group texting is one of the most amazing features. You can save a lot of time and resources by making landline texting an integral part of your business.

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