Keep kitty’s litter box clean

Keep your feline’s litter box super clean is an absolute necessity. Cats can pass parasites via fecal matter. These vermin can be passed from cat to human. Two of these parasites are tapeworms and roundworms. This happens when eggs are passed through fecal substance. When contact occurs, the eggs can entrench into the skin and into the body.

Expectant mothers should be vigilant when changing litter boxes or have someone else change them. There are dangers involved that can harm an unborn baby, particularly during the first trimester. Cat litter has detrimental pollutants mixed in with it. Women with child who change the cat litter may breathe in this dust. These chemicals can have an effect on the fetus. Cat urine is one of the most dangerous things pregnant women can be around because it contains a high concentrate of metals. When expectant mothers come in contact with the cat urine it may make them ill along with their unborn baby.
A parasite that causes toxoplasmosis can make you extremely sick with shortness of breath, a fever and cause neurological disorders. If a woman with child makes contact with this parasite it can harm her baby. The fetus may cultivate cysts on the brain. There could even be a miscarriage...

Not only can dirty litter boxes be unsafe to humans, they can also be hazardous to your cat... Cats lick themselves to keep their coats clean. When they are forced to use sullied litter boxes and then clean themselves after, they can build up urinary tract infections. This infection is caused by licking their paws after being in the unsanitary litter box.

If multiple cats use the same filthy litter box, they can pass diseases either by fecal matter or urine. Some of these diseases are feline infectious peritonitis, feline leukemia and feline immunodeficiency virus. Some of these diseases can be deadly to your cat.

To prevent many of these problems from taking place, simply keep the litter box spotless. Purchasing clumping litter can help because it clumps everything excreted by the cat together. Use plastic or rubber gloves and then wash your hands immediately afterwards when performing litter box duties. If you are pregnant, have another family member change the litter. Better yet, invest in a flushable litter box.

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