Kalibroida IOTA Development Services

Kalibroida IOTA Development Solutions consolidate the IoT network of your organization with IOTA’s permission-less distributed ledger system.

IOTA Tangle

Looking for a permission-less distributed ledger system to streamline your business operations? Want to tighten your grip on the Internet of Things? Try IOTA, the world’s first open-source distributed ledger with a focus on the Internet of Things.

IOTA is a permissionless distributed ledger designed to power the longer term of IoT. IOTA aims at fostering the IoT applications by facilitating fee-less micro-transactions at extremely fast speed and also enables data integrity for machines. It conjointly solves the inefficiencies of Blockchain with its progressive distributed ledger technology referred to as “The Tangle.”

Kalibroida's Key Features of IOTA


IOTA is a decentralized, Peer-to-Peer network without any central point of failure or intermediaries. Also, it doesn’t involve any miners and permits transactions over a distributed ledger referred to as Blockchain.


IOTA supports parallelized validation of transactions to attain high transaction throughput. It is conjointly capable of confirming and validating thousands of transactions in an exceedingly matter of minutes with none external support from miners.

IOT Support

The whole architecture of IOTA and Blockchain is targeted round the internet of Things. It enables seamless microtransactions for IoT devices at absolutely no costs involved.

Quantum Immunity

IOTA Blockchain supports Curl-p, a next-generation trinary hash function that is immune to quantum or Winternitz signatures.

Why Kalibroida’s Tangle-as-a-Service might be the right fit for you:


Dashboard overview,

hassle-free API

Management and comprehensible service statistics


Fully GDRP compliant services based on quantum-proof distributed ledger technology.

All requests are secured over HTTPS.


Highly scalable solution that adjusts to your needs build on a robust backend for high availability and reliability


No upfront investments or subscription. No sales reps. Transparent and fair pricing, with direct cost control.



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