Jim Huneke knows that passing the testing and requirements to become a USPTA Elite

Professional can be a daunting task. So he would like to encourage people who aren’t looking at that as a course for themselves to begin now. Don’t wait till the last minute to start learning the information needed. Start teaching now and understand the teaching methods and work to improve your own. There are 3 basic parts to testing for the certification.

  • They must first pass the Elite written exam. This exam is not for the faint of heart. It is an intense exam based on four subject areas. The 4 areas are business, programming, sport science and tennis operations.
  • The next part is feeding competencies at the elite level. Feeding is when you feed the ball to the player you are teaching. You want to be able to get the ball to the student in a way which allows them to practice their shot and technique.
  • The Third part is stroke analysis. This is an online exam where the coach who is attempting to be an elite coach must prove that they can pick out the good and bad of a students stroke.


In addition to the testing requirements, the USPTA believes, as do most schools of any kind, that instructors and coaches should be continuing to learn throughout their careers. So there is a requirement of 16 specialty course credits in the 4 subjects of the written exam. They are also required to have 24 APC credits before they can be considered for an elite certification. That is not all however as elite level coaches are required to earn 6 more credits every three years to maintain their membership.


Jim Huneke recommends seeing it as an opportunity to learn and grow professionally. He also points out that by learning more we are growing in our ability to teach and coach.


Jim Huneke

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