it would appear that The Elder Scrolls Blades

If an opponent protect bashes you, you then can't use your shield or spells for  ESO Blades Gold a second or two, so remember that and use that couple moments to land gigantic combos. Lesson 3- this isn't a one finger game. You have to attack from the left and right side of the display to correctly land combos the most efficiently. Alternating btwn the two. If you time the attacks correctly, you may shred your opponent and immediately return into Absorb or Adrenaline Dodge to gain back any life you lost throughout the combo strike. Why is The Elder Scrolls Blades so complex are the different variants of weapons and armor that you can use. I am not 100% but so far, it would appear that The Elder Scrolls Blades would like you to take multiple sets of armor as well as multiple weapons so for one to progress"easier" than just using gems. In other words, no 1 set of no one weapon and armor will make you OP whatsoever.
Gems- While challenging to comprehend, you will need to be smart about what you invest them on. Full disclosure, I spent 50$ on The Elder Scrolls Blades. I have determined the best way to invest my gems to be this- I gem the grade crates. They cost 1 stone and typically give. So don't be concerned if your total of higher tier chests, just keep them running as much as possible and spend 1 gem each for the low crates. This will allow you to not have to expand your Crate stash, rather seriously, what does it matter if you have? In the end, your still waiting. So DONT buy more room for your own chests and simply Gem the low ones while passing to the bigger ones.
And I DONT regret it. In Stone that are 1k, it's a STEAL. Seriously. I'd say pick this sword, if your gon na purchase anything. It will last you for as long as you like because eventually it can be Tempered by you and increase its stats. Last piece of advice - For study, I gem had roughly 5 Silver chests every lvl I got. What did you find? I NEVER received a bit of armor that has been than what my Blacksmith was capable of, at a higher lvl. What this tells me? Gem a lvl cage believing you will get something better than what The Elder Scrolls Blades Boostingyou can now Temper. (Disclaimer- No idea if this applies to Elder or Legendary Chests bc I never Gem'd one).


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