Invisalign after braces for straightening teeth again

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All those who have braces in teenage can understand the uncontrolled joy that they enjoy after removal of braces. All the social awkwardness that they have to face as a teen with mouth filled with braces is finally gone and it is such a great thing. However, it is not all over yet as you have to wear retainer in the next step that can serve to be alike challenging. The common metal retainers are not attractive similar to the braces. But here you have the option of invisalign after braces.

What you can expect from invisalign after braces?

Invisalign can be helpful in the case when you wear braces in younger age but need to re-straighten teeth again as they have moved a little. For teeth straightening from mild to moderate, invisalign serves to be an ideal option. You can search for invisalign doctors near me to get the best treatment. Here is what you can expect from the treatment:

Comparatively shorter treatment:

The good news in this case is that the duration of invisalign after braces treatment is comparatively shorter when the requirement is of minor straightening only.

Less visits:


In the case of braces, patients are required to visit the orthodontist for progress assessment every month so that the rubber bands are changed and wires are tightened. In the other case, you can search for invisalign doctors near me and visits are planned in every 7 to 8 weeks. Plastic trays set are provided to the patients that are to be changed in two weeks duration. The teeth are shifted gradually by trays in period of two weeks by small amount and therefore they are aligned back to the correct position over the treatment course. Therefore there is not much inconvenience and less time is required for appointments for fewer visits.

Effective, modest treatment:

The invisible aligners cost is not much and therefore the treatment does not bring burden on pocket. In addition to this, no one can easily notice that you are wearing invisalign as they are virtually undetectable. Another benefit is that for brushing teeth and meals, you can remove the trays and therefore they do not interfere with oral hygiene and eating like braces. No one knows that you are wearing invisalign after braces and therefore the treatment is both modest and effective.

Negligible discomfort:

Initially, you might experience slight discomfort in invisalign similar to braces and when new tray is switched. However, in 2-3 hours, the discomfort fades away and for daily wear, invisalign serves to be comfortable and smooth. In this case, there is no worry of food getting stuck in wires or brackets cutting in the gums at the time of eating as in case of braces.

All these benefits make invisalign near me to be a better option and the invisible aligners cost is also pretty affordable. So you need not to worry about teeth re-straightening as invisalign is here as a savior to help you correct the teeth position with minimal discomfort.

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