Inman's Auto Rescue Emergency Car Kit

Inman's Auto Rescue understands that there are certain things a driver should carry with them in their vehicle at all times. Inman's Auto Rescue wants to make sure that whether a driver call Inman's Auto Rescue, calls someone else or a driver takes care of the roadside problem themselves, certain items should be kept in a vehicle at all times.

  • Spare Tire which is in good working order. Inman's Auto Rescue point sour that while this may seem a little obvious, many people will get flats and then drive around on their spare until their main tire is fixed or replaced. If that takes a day it is probably not an issue. If it takes a week, it can be a problem. The longer it takes to get that other tire replaced or repaired, the more chance of it not being sufficient for daily driving. Inman's Auto Rescue says that a full size spare helps with this but they are also significantly more expensive and cumbersome.
  • Inman's Auto Rescue reminds you not to forget a car jack. Even if you cannot replace the tire on your own, you never know when a good samaritan will stop and give you a hand.
  • Flares or safety reflector triangle. These are important tools at day or night in getting other drivers to take more caution around your disabled vehicle and you.
  • A flash light. Leave a flashlight in the glove box where you will always know where it is. If it is night-time when you have your car problem, a flashlight is one of the keys to finding what you need and staying safe.
  • Jumper cables. It may be that the battery died and you just need a jump start. If you call Inman's Auto Rescue they will be able to jump start your car for you. However if you have other assistance you wish to utilize, there is no way to know for sure if they will have jumper cables.
  • A first aid kit. Hopefully this is not something which will ever be needed however you may need it and they are small and compact. There is no reason why every car in the country is not outfitted with one.
  • Water. It may be the middle of winter or the middle of summer but water is vital. You can in an emergency use it in the radiator or use it for drinking. You can use it to wash cuts and scrapes. You may need water for a whole host of things and it is better to have it, just in case.


Inman's Auto Rescue recognizes that these are just some of the items that should be in your car at all times in case of emergency.


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