Injured dog locked inside of abandoned car lot in Florida

Someone abandoned a beautiful German shepherd mix inside of an abandoned car lot in an area known as "Little Haiti," in Miami, Fla.

The dog, estimated to be four or five years of age, was severely injured and struggled to walk; her body was skeletal from the lack of food.

A good Samaritan tried to push food beneath the fencing which surrounded the lot, but the dog was so injured that she could barely reach what was offered. Eventually, unable to watch the suffering continue, the good Samaritan broke the dog out of the lot and took her to a veterinarian.

There, x-rays revealed that the dog's pelvis was broken and her hip was completely out of the socket. It had been that way for months. Everyone, including the veterinarian, was shocked that the starved dog has been sitting in so much pain, alone at the vacant lot.

Today, the dog is known as "Twiggy," and just nine weeks ago, she had surgery on her injured leg.

Her rescuer, Alexandra Smith, stated:

She is now walking perfectly and even running!

Despite the fact that Twiggy was rescued and is no longer in pain, her tale is not yet at its happily ever after.

Smith is unable to keep Twiggy because she has her own dogs and lives in a condo where there is a limit on the number of pets who can reside there. Smith takes Twiggy to work each day, but at night, the dog has to sleep at Smith's groomer's business.

Now, the overnight facility is no longer available to Twiggy and Smith is desperate to find a foster home, rescue or adopter for the dog who has been through so much.

She writes:

Twiggy is very, very affectionate and her tail never stops wagging. She
has been great with kids.

She has not shown any food aggression at all. She has not shown any dog aggression either. She does try to chase cats but she's not very fast! She's not super active so would do great with someone older or someone looking for a more relaxed dog.

She adds:

I desperately need to find a home for Twiggy or a foster until I can
find her the perfect home. She has been freed from that horrible lot but
will be so happy in a home.

Smith wants nothing more than for Twiggy to enjoy a good, happy life with a loving guardian.

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