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People are aware that we're technically at our limits in terms of RuneScape gold bank space, so we need to do further work to remedy that. There are two aspects we have to consider:Save-game size:  - Think of an item with the most amount of variables attached to it (Augmented, both gizmos etc) - this item is the most costly per bank slot server side. Multiply that up by the number of bank space, then add a bit more.

Now multiply that by the maximum amount of players that you need. That's the amount of storage space we need to make sure we always have allocated at all times to make sure we can always save the player's game state.  - Adding a little bit of bank space per player equates to a huge amount. We're aware of the problem, and we're not unsympathetic to the issue players have.  - We did a study into how many people it affects. It affects quite a decent chunk but not as much as you'd expect.  -

This is why our emphasis on content has been focused around "inventories", one example is the upcoming Player Owned Farm farmhand update which we're using to help save on your bank space.Impact on other content: - Adding extra slots to the bank also affects other content, such as things that check whether you own an item. A recent example of the potential impact of this is in the Diango system, that stores items for you and allows you to retrieve them. As recently as last month we had a bug with cheap OSRS gold Diango which led players to crash the moment they clicked on him (this was hotfixed immediately).


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