I totally hate it in WoW Classic that is present.

If you want to run about with 500+ players trying to loot one item in the barrens and waiting for classic wow gold hours for this 1 item well that's your prerogative but imo that is not what makes timeless pleasure. I hope the staff knows that and will restrict the use of it and only use it when you have cases where the server cannot deal with a significant number of gamers in areas. Look this might be unpopular but with youtuber and streamer pick apart every little thing that the development team does enjoy"oh colorblind style that not actual classic" or"the shaders are distinct UNPLAYABLE" like your setting yourself and the community disappointment.

It's extremely rare to have a hyped up game fulfill the expectations its much better to simply see how WoW Classic plays out with no hype. Look at PuBg or Apex or even League, there was very little hype over some of these games (maybe some for league) and look at how much they blew up! It was under everybody's radar and when you give programmers the time without the pressure of everyone's opinion they tend to succeed. Simply play classic as it was meant to be played , WoW Classicplay along with the neighborhood those two parts will be the exact same only look at private servers and how much their communities still flourish. If you consider people have been playing private server for many years with the wrong values and people still adore WoW Classicplay I'm certain you will still feel the exact same enjoyment, irrespective of graphics, sharding etc.. Just allow the developers do their job.

Sharding and the loot trading are large'NO' to me. Not attempting to'slippery slope', but I'm fairly sure if it is let it will spread. Trading will get exploited. Systems can't be allowed by you since there will always be someone out there being malicious. And sharding can just go fuck itself. Do if you bothers then you wan na na play with classic? I would rather wait one hour to finish a single quest and see everyone than see one man and get everything done. Sharding is the 1 thing. I totally hate it in cheap wow classic gold that is present.


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