I remember only 3 gods: good RuneScape gold Saradomin

When I was a wee schoolboy, I remember only 3 gods: good RuneScape gold Saradomin, Bad zamorak and guthix who only wanted balance.that's it.yes, I understand several other gods were succeeded in quests such as Zaros and Amardyl, and there are a few gods that just have powers in the desert such as Elide and Ictharyn but in the grand scheme of things, there were just 3 gods, the good, the bad, and the ugly.being religious in Gilenore was simple: you want to be a great guy? Select saradomin. You wan na t become a power-hungry jerk? Select zamorak. You need the world take its natural course and not pick on a side? You trace guthix.now we've got all kind of gods that I can not for the life span of me understand,Seren? Zaros? Sliske? Amardyl? Do they endure for principles that are natural or any values, or do they simply rule that's it and a race?

Chthonian demons desire only to devour their own type and absorb them.Then, how come the chthonians we can fight in game - abyssals, ne**ryael, bloodveld, blood reavers, and rippers - never fight each other in monster vs monster combat!? I guess this really is a case of Story Segregation?! and Gameplay

Maybe a spoiler, maybe not. Anyways, while enjoying"The Light Inside" we had been given a vision of back if Seren and Zaros were still Mah's Caretakers. During this cutscene, Zaros claimed and talks of finding the eggs where the Elder Gods hatched. "It was simple enough to find the memories, when you look closely enough. Six of them, five of cheap OSRS gold one and form of something . By which spanned from the five eggs situated from the Elder Halls on Freneskae.


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