I miss the way that franchise was in MLB the show

I miss the way that franchise was in MLB the show. You could buy training gear, set ticket prices, concessions, etc.. . .buy transportation, all that good stuff. They shot all that fantastic things out when they put in MLB The Show 19 Stubs for sale diamond dynasty.I totally agree id like to see franchise mode and march to Oct merged into one mode for franchise. You might just have a toggle button to turn on and off if you would like to play every game or just the important plays like this manner has.I like the March to October idea... I have been enjoying MLB The Show since'07 and I've always had a tough time playing an whole year w/ one team, let alone multiple seasons, that's the idea of franchise, right? I really don't want to take anything away from anyone, but I think M2O is a brilliant idea and undermine.

Franchise mode is my favorite, last year I played every game in the season at precisely the same rate as the MLB was.This seems amazing although I enjoy occasionally doing a massive sim and undergo years doing the GM things.I would just like something to progress and be realistic. Franchise has been virtually the exact same thing for years now using a slew of flaws and unrealistic teambuilding. From the recent CBA in the MLB, I would state that Franchise style covers about 15 percent of it wholeheartedly. There are a slew of things that could be added and improved in MLB The Show 19 mode. I'd rather have those additions rather than MtO daily.

The things they add are minimalistic at best and do not do anything to actually progress the mode forward. Hell, this year the only thing they included was in season contract extensions. Last year they all did was clean up the menus to make it more streamlined and the year before they did was permit you to jump in through critical situations. They've done absolutely nothing to boost trade logic, farm system increase, progression/regression, financial stability. They still have not added anything that would allow us to personalize our arena price, concessions, etc.. They have not added a league expansion/relocation attribute or even a create a stadium attribute.

They only have a minor league system that is only two levels deep, with this"15 individual single A" nonsense. They have never bothered to add leagues such as the GCL, DSL, High A, Low A or any of that. They have a very confusing a sporadic training system that does little to improve propsect growth. They only have a 7 round draft with a dreadful scouting system (badly, I do not believe they know the 20-80 grade system whatsoever ). I really don't need all these things for me to MLB 19 Stubs be happy with franchise mode, but all these are matters we have been asking for since 2013 and they have not made a dent into it. I really do play with OOTP, but I'd prefer a viable franchise mode in which I could actually play as the players as well.


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