I have been talking about the Dark Lotus thing for wow classic gold a while

I have been talking about the Dark Lotus thing for wow classic gold a while. I get a laugh once I hear these private server zealots talking about entire raids being flasked all the time and that all these bad specs being viable with flasks. These things just were not readily available back then and also those which were available costed a small fortune, not a thing which was practical to use really often.Also, remember what this will do to private servers. Blizzard is going to have an argument for law suits foreign servers. I just say this since I am already seeing opinions of personal server people that are angry at the changes. The WoW Classic community/devs needs to understand a sizable part of private host individuals and classic due to the $15 fee will not play. They like being loud online and what they've been begging won't even attempt for. Not everybody, but a good part of them.

I truly hope when they view that it turns into a problem, they will change things such as the Diremaul exploit if not at launch then at least a few weeks down the line. I'm all for all, but when that inflates the economy to the point that just people using this harness can realistically afford shit on the AH, which only destroys WoW Classic.There were lots of different tactics to farm solo or with a friend in DM back in Vanilla. We were trying to figure them out all of the time. Granted, it might not have been well known, it had been done in Vanilla. Messing with pathing, rebounding crap forth and back, kiting and that. We were doing it solo, double mages, mage/hunter. I think Blizz fixed some of those things we were doing back in Vanilla also. It's been a very long time obviously and my memory is blurred, but is that if we understood how to do a lot of farming things others knew how to do it.

The mechanic you're missing here is caster minions operate in Private Servers versus Vanilla/Classic. On servers that are private, they start auto-attacking sometimes picking auto attacking over casting and will cast 1 iteration of a spell. People coming in since they had clinic, from servers hoping to breeze through raids are gonna be in for a gold in wow classic rude awakening. Also, a significant reason why I'll be playing. It wouldn't be a struggle if Classic was the same as private servers and I'd get bored.


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