I do play for xp in my primary only but the types of RS gold players

I do play for xp in my primary only but the types of RS gold  players you mentioned who are of the opinion that there is a wrong way to play a video game would likely believe I'm largely ineffective, largely due to the fact I always choose afkness and sanity over maximum efficiency grinds. This circles back to altscape, I skill how I do this I can expend more focus and energy on the other accounts' moneymaking actions. Most of my gameplay is arc skilling on spiritual warrior alt Greg on pvm alt, and celestial o alt. While arc skilling sounds good to me, Earning approx 18m an hour!

I hate skilling and I've PVM unlocks in the past and proficient for quest reqs. Now slowly working towards max, but I do nearly all my own skilling through DXP. I really don't foresee myself going for almost any virtual 120s but who knows, that may change. I love questing and PVM. I'm pretty new, enjoying it so much better and really now working my way through the GW2 supervisors. Also close to 99 Slayer and looking forward to this 120 grind. In terms of quests I really find myself attempting to take as long as possible to undergo them bc I genuinely enjoy many of these and I know we do not acquire new ones frequently. I found it rewarding understanding the lore and took the way into the World Wakes. Mostly I play nevertheless I feel like playing. Have appreciated that a lot as well and I am beginning to do clues.

Quests were my thing, I was motivated to find the MQC for a little while, but I hit a wall with all the 117 Dg requirement. Absolutely can not stand Dungeoneering, and quests have fallen to buy old school runescape gold the wayside lately so there's been hardly any motivation for me to actually play. I've been pecking away at 120 farming because it's my 2nd cape, but that skill is 99% waiting for stuff to grow. I am not actually about the entire maximal efficiency item, I just wanna have fun, but recently that just hasn't been possible for me.


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