I'd much rather have actual people playing for people's RuneScape gold accounts

I'd much rather have actual people playing for people's RuneScape gold accounts which subsequently allow them to eat for a week than have an increasing number of bots enter the game. I believe Jagex could agree with that. These are actual people encouraging them selves and also enjoying the sport, not fucking 15 year olds operating 15 bots simultaneously. I try to stay objective in all instances but spirituality takes over for me , this supersedes the principles of an online game. Exceptions should not be made but I say Jagex ought to"forget" them for lack of a better word.

As a 1st world participant (o play Runescape3 bc I don't wanna begin over) it stinks. But hey guy, If I must try somewhat more so that some other man can eat, then thats cool with me. That having been said, the is a chance that the match gets ruoned bc of it at this speed its a toss up if jagex will euin their owm match or if farmers will.Jagex will. Jagex has been the one who was in charge of huge amounts of the player base. Sure, robots are somewhat bothersome, but jagex reacting to it by removing free trade and the wilderness did much more damage than the bots did. I feel that something similar will happen later on. When it's jagex try to monetize OSRS or discharge another bug.

Id rather have somebody on the account training and doing all kinda of stuff like these servies other subsequently bots or jsut golden famrers crashing items cuz atleast then they are people playing and training the accounts legit and helping their loved ones simply enjoying the game for somebody not rwt type but thats just me and I dont get it done or condone breaking the runes but prefer this afterward bots and regular gold farmers.The benefit in the Venezuelans playing buy OSRS gold looks much greater the incovience of green drags being packed and resources coming into the match at a greater speed.


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