How to Google Analytics work for your Business or Website

Google Analytics is another free service provided by Google that helps optimize your website for search engines. With this feature, you can track traffic to your website, optimize the speed of your website, source of traffic, and the location of traffic. This service tells you about your user's behavior and interest. Both of these services are helping to improve your website visibility and brand awareness.Google Analytics shows other sources of traffic, such as Social Media, Direct, Oraganic and Referral.
Traffic tracking used to see where traffic is coming from your website and how much is coming. Through this, we can ascertain which page of our website has the highest Visitors. It helps to know that traffic coming to our website is coming from which keyword and location.
Goal creation is about finding out what you should track, In this technique, you can create a URL goal to track specific URLs. You can create a duration goal to track how many people stay on your site for a certain amount of time. Visit goal tracks the number of pages each visitor sees before they leave.
It tells you how many peoples are live on your website, from which device they are, from which place they are and which pages are kept open. It helps to tell where the user is coming from and what type of improvement is needed in that place.
Audience Analytics tells us how many users have visited your website and how many times they have come and how many users are new. Through this, the user can be viewed according to age and gender, and we can also see what kind of mobile and browser they are using.
Through it, we can find out which country and which city the users are coming from and what is the language of the user coming to our website. By imposing a secondary dimension in it, we can also know that the language is of which country.
This is a technique in Google Analytics that shows us how many new users are on the website and how many users are old. This helps you to know how long the users have lived on your website and which pages they visited. By knowing all this, you can improve your website's performance.
It helps to check from which browsers user are coming from and what type of version they are using. We can also check whether your website is opening in all types of operating systems. We can find out what kind of networking company is looking for our products.
This is a Google Analytics technique which helps you to find out that the traffic comes to your website is organic or direct or referral or social. If you have linked Google Search Console and Google Adwords with Google Analytics, then you can also see their details keywords are searched by mobile, so it is important that your business be mobile-friendly.
These are one of the major technique of Google Analytics which help your Website or Business.


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