How to Approach a Horse with Cesar Parra

Horses and humans can form very complex relationships with each other, Cesar Parra says. As somebody who is extremely experienced with horses and who has competed in dressage on an international level, Cesar Parra understands how to approach and deal with horses. If you are nervous about approaching a horse for the first time, Cesar Parra offers these tips to ensure that you do it correctly:


First, make sure to ask if it's safe to interact with the horse. Not all horses are friendly or fully socialized to deal with people, Cesar Parra says. Make sure to respect the handler by asking if it is okay to touch the horse. If the horse is skittish or shy, you may be glad that you asked!


Make sure to approach at the front. Horses can be extremely nervous animals, Cesar Parra says, and they’re wired from nature to be on the lookout for predators in the wild. If you approach a horse from the back or the side, you may accidentally spook the horse and it can kick you. Approaching from the front will allow the horse to see you, and give the best results, Cesar Parra says.


Pay attention to the ears. A horse with its ears perked in your direction is an interested horse, Cesar Parra says, and thus is safe to approach. The horse with relaxed ears is also fine. The horses that you need to look out for, Cesar Parra warns, are the ones that have their ears pinned back.


Offer your hand. Cesar Parra says that horses are actually rather like humans. It is polite to offer your hand to a horse just like you would to a human upon meeting. This will allow the horse to sniff at your hand. If the horse nudges your hand, it is asking to be pet. If the horse turns away, he is probably not as interested. However, if the horse is well-trained, Cesar Parra says that the horse may accept treats and pets.


Make sure to stay relaxed. If you are nervous or giving off negative energy, Cesar Parra says that the horse will pick up on it immediately. Horses are extremely perceptive animals, so it is best to be quiet and calm around them. Horses appreciate humans like this, and will respond positively.


If you ever have the chance to interact with a horse for a long period of time, Cesar Parra says that they are some of the best animals to bond with. They are loving, gentle, and extremely intelligent. Cesar Parra wishes you luck with your new horse friend.



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