How Nursery In Pune Helped This Father And Son Duo!

Nursery education is one of the most basic foundation stones towards a brighter future. Thus, each and every parent wants to ensure that their child is getting the best education. Thus, parents often start planning and searching out for schools since their child is born. And even Mr. Sharma did the same.

He had searched every nook and cranny to find the best possible nursery for their son Rohan. However, the only problem was that they were earlier residing in USA (United States of America).

Therefore, when they relocated to India, they found it difficult as all of their previous efforts were now down the drain. But after they visited schools for a nursery in Pune, all of their worries had dissipated.

They had a few meeting with the principal of the schools and the pedagogies. Thus, only after a couple of visits, they were sure that they had made the right choice. They were a bit presumptuous before approaching the nursery school; however, soon all of their worries were settled.

They were worried because Rohan was born and brought up in the states. Thus, he was still pretty oblivious about the ways of life in India. However, the faculty of the nursery in Pune promised Mr. Sharma that they would pay extra attention and help him settle.

So they admitted their only child to the nursery. Rohan showed amazing improvements in just a few months after starting his new cbse school. Rohan was an introvert and thus, he found it difficult to make friends at new places.

However, he made new friends, that too, only after a few days. He even started to open up in front of his parents. He would often tell them about his day at a nursery in Pune.

Mr. Sharma was just starting out at his new workplace and so was Mrs. Sharma. Hence, they would find it difficult to send off their son to nursery. But they were relieved to know that this nursery school provided transportation service as well.

Thus, they could now leave for work without worrying about other things. Also, Rohan would time and again tell them about the new book that he had read. This was all possible because of the extensive book collection available at the school library.

And soon, it was the parent-teacher meet day. Mr. Sharma was almost teary-eyed when he left the teachers office. Those tears weren’t because of any pain but because of happiness. He couldn’t believe his own eyes at what he had seen and heard.

Because Rohan’s teacher was all but praises about him. Even the report card that he saw was great because it was a huge improvement since Rohan had started out. After the meet, the student’s had arranged a drama for everyone.

And Rohan was playing a lead role in it! That was it for Mr. Sharma, it was probably the happiest moment of his life. And all of this was possible because of the good schools in pune.


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