How much is a dental implant in Zhuhai

As we all know, tooth loss not only affects the aesthetics of our teeth to a certain extent, but also causes other oral diseases if it is not remedied in time. Facing the problem of tooth loss, dental implants have become the choice of more people. With the development of technology, dental implant technology is becoming more and more perfect. There are many kinds of dental implants, and different types correspond to different prices. Then, how much is a dental implant in Zhuhai?
First of all, let's talk about why dental implants are preferred when the teeth are missing, if the economy allows it?
Dental implants are implants that are placed in the alveolar bone of the missing tooth. The implant surgery has small wounds and fast healing. If the root of the tooth is not available, if you want to make a porcelain tooth, you need to use the 2 adjacent dentures as a bridge, while only one implant is needed.
Dental implants have natural beauty, firmness and reliability. Dental implants can be made according to the face shape of the patient, the shape and color of other teeth, to achieve the best overall coordination and aesthetic effect. At the same time, dental implants can restore tooth function well, and its chewing function is much better than other traditional dentures. In addition, dental implants have advantages such as convenient cleaning.
So how much does it cost to grow teeth in Zhuhai? Different types of dental implants have different prices. The price list is as follows:
6800 Korean dental implants (special price)
The main recommendation of Korean dental implants: Korean Denton implants
Korean Denton implants are the most popular implants. Denton implants were once known as "the top cost-effective". It has the advantages of strong compatibility, restoration of occlusion, stability and durability, and easy maintenance.
Cortes, Israel, 8800 dental implants
The Israeli Cortez planting system has several advantages:
1. It has good penetration and bone cutting performance,
2. It has good initial stability,
3. It has good grip on bones and evenly distributes pressure.
4. It is suitable for soft tissue healing and reduces the chance of bone resorption.

Swiss ITI implant 16000 pcs
Swiss ITI dental implants have the advantages of precision and speed, high success rate, minimally invasive treatment, and less pain. The streamlined implant arc design of the system, the internal octagonal connection between the implant and the abutment, the advanced titanium plasma coating treatment technology and the MORSE dimension design make the implants have the characteristics of minimal invasiveness and stability.

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