How Is Intracellular Staining Protocol Used?

Flow Cytometry can use to deduct or analyze diverse intracellular Staining Protocol along with phosphorylated signaling proteins and cytokines. In addition, the Cytokines and other secreted protocols can deduct by way of flow Cytometry in activated cells with the help of secretion inhibitors, which comprise brefeldin A etc. this help to secure the export of newly synthesized proteins.

For experimental solutions with stimulation durations of maximum 6-7 hours, the secretion inhibitor may be saved throughout the entire incubation duration. In a case, the duration of stimulation is maximum than 7 hours then the secretion inhibitor requires to be brought for most required the last three hours of the incubation. In addition, there are numerous variables that require to be optimized for individual FAC experiments which comprise antibody incubation time and more. This permeabilization solution permits the FAC antibody to bypass through the plasma membrane into the cell interior while endowing the morphological traits used to sort the cells.

Lets’ find out the material needs for Intracellular Staining Protocol Procedure:

  • FACS™ Tubes
  • Pipette Tips and Pipettes
  • Centrifuge
  • Vortex

Moreover, the names of commonly used detergents include- Triton® X-a hundred, saponin, or Tween® 20. Reagents which are required for Staining Intracellular Procedure:

  • Flow Cytometry Fixation Buffer
  • Detection Antibodies
  • Flow Cytometry Fixation/Permeabilization Buffer I
  • PBS (1X): 0.137 M NaCl, 0.05 M NaH2PO4, pH 7.4 or Hank’s Balanced Salt Solution (HBSS; 1X)
  • Isotype Control Antibodies

Lets’ find out the FACS Protocols Intracellular procedure:

  • In the beginning, make sure to harvest the cells first. After this, wash these 2 times with 2 mL of PBS or HBSS and then decanting buffer from pelleted cells.
  • After this step, aliquot up to 1 x 106 cells/100 μL into FACS tubes and integrate .5 mL of cold Flow Cytometry Fixation Buffer and vortex. Once completed this, make sure to keep this in the room temperature for at least 15 minutes. In addition, during this step, centrifuge cells and decant the Fixation Buffer and then make sure to wash the cells 2 times again either with HBSS or PBS.
  • Now add 10 μL of conjugated antibody and vortex and then again keep these cells at room temperature in the dark for at least 30 minutes.
  • Once completed all these steps, you will come to the last step. In this, again clean the cells 2 times with Flow Cytometry Permeabilization. You may also was buffer I as did in the last step.

In addition, it may be noted that in any case, if an unconjugated primary antibody turned into used, incubation with the secondary antibody requires. For this, dilute the secondary antibody in FAC Permeabilization or Wash Buffer I, beginning with the concentration cautioned in the product datasheet. Then again keep it for 30 minutes within the dark and as did in step 3.

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