How 3D Scanning Technology can be used in Different Industries

3D Body Scan is the process of producing a 3D model through scanning technology. A person stands in the scanner view, while the scanning machine captures the individual’s body image and fetches the 3D images within few seconds. These scanning machines use a series of radiant sensors to create a 3D image. All 3D images are captured in a 360-degree view, which gives accurate body measurements and X-ray of the human body. This data then archived or gets used, according to the requirement.

Use of this 3-dimensional body scanning technology is growing quickly in different fields. Following are three major fields of work where 3D technology is getting used promptly-

Apparel industry

A unique and useful application of this scanning technology is in the field of custom designing of clothes. When it comes to clothing, people have distinct size and shape. This creates the problem of improper fitting. In such cases, 3D body images are used for mass customization of apparels. The consumer gets measured three dimensionally with the help of 3D scanners. The 3D image then helps in pattern making and perfect fitting.


Today, 3-dimensional scanners are enhancing the ability to accurately measure human body shape, size, and the skin surface. It has also improved internal body inspection. This makes 3D scanners impeccable for the widespread clinical applications. Medical professionals are exploiting the potential of 3D body scanners for clinical practice, such as X-ray, MRI and CT scanning. 3-dimensional body scanners are poised to become a mainstream medical tool.


With 3D scanners placed in fitness centers and gyms, you can visualize your every muscle from a 360-degree view. This will help you in deciding that on which part of your body, you need to work on. From the last few years, health club and fitness centers are using 3D technology to attract more and more clients.

Use of 3D body scanners is not limited to these three only; there are many other things where this technology can be used. If your work demands you to use such fine technology, then you should go for this without giving second thoughts. Purchasing 3D scanners from [TC] 2 is the best option for those who want quality and assistance from experts.

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