How 3D Body Scanner can Help with Shape Analysis

Shape analysis has always been a tedious task. Analyzing the shape of the body is vital in order to ensure that the clothes fit to the body in the right manner. The shape analysis can help apparel manufacturing and designing companies make clothes that fit to the body of the person in the perfect manner. Shape analysis tools have always been in demand in the apparel manufacturing and retail industry. The retail industry aims to make the shopping process faster for their consumers. These tools can help consumers in choosing the clothes that fit best to them without the need to try one.

3D body scanner can help solve such problems of shape analysis. A 3D body scanner does a complete shape analysis of the person with the small laser lights fitted on to it. The 3D body scanner then creates a 3D avatar of the consumer which can try on clothes swiftly without wasting any time. Consumers can choose their preferred choice of clothes through the kiosk and the avatar can try on the entire variety of clothes available at the retail store. This also helps the consumers in finding the right size of clothes and the designs that suit them the best without the need of trying each size or design of clothes physically.

There are few companies manufacturing 3D body scanners and one such company is [TC]². [TC]² offers class leading 3D body scanners and body measurement tools for the apparel, fitness and health industry. The company’s tools offer accurate body measurement services. The 3D body scanner can scan the entire body within 1 second and ensures point to point measurement for maintaining accuracy. [TC]² also offers ImageTwin Mirror which creates a virtual avatar of the body.

About [TC]²:

[TC]² is a company offering 3D body measurement devices of top-class quality. The company offers the world’s best 3D body measurement tools and including 3D printer. They also offer leading CAD pattern grading software for apparel industries.

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