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In the hotel industry, customer relationships are made or damaged when something goes wrong, as in when a service issue occurs. In case the hotel is able to manage the situation to the guests satisfaction, then they have got a customer for life, but if they are unable to, then they lose a customer forever. And lets not forget that the advent of the Internet enables an irate guest to share his feedback and grievances with the rest of the world, all at the click of the mouse. Studies show that hotels spend an inadvertent amount of money on attracting new customers, but they end up losing their existing or regular customers over small issues and mishaps. And due to the highly competitive nature of the hotel industry, it is highly unlikely that a dissatisfied guest will return to the hotel. For effectively managing service issues, hotels need to implement hotel guest service recovery module, which can track and resolve guest complaints, lower compensations, as well as boost and maintain guest loyalty.

A hotel guest service recovery module helps you in capturing, tracking, investigating, as well as effectively solving service issues or mishaps that might have occurred with the guests, in turn inconveniencing them to the point of dissatisfaction. The module instantly alerts the hotelier, when a guest incident is reported, thereby enabling management of the problem within real time. So, the management can try to fix the problem within time, as well as offer the guest some sort of compensation, ensuring that they feel mollified and understand their importance for the hotel. And since hotels need to keep track of the compensations provided by them, a service recovery module also helps in that.

Hoteliers can also keep track of frequently recurring service issues. On identification of such issues, hotels can take steps to completely revamp the areas from which such issues occur. For instance, if the hairdryers in the rooms keep on malfunctioning, be it any room, suite or villa, then the hotel is likely to realize that there is an inherent fault with the hair dryers itself. In which case, all of them need to be replaced. Their replacement ensures that this particular problem does not resurface in the near future. And thus, a hotel guest service recovery module also enables the hotelier to reduce the amount of compensation being provided to the guests. Hotels need to make their customers and their relationships with them a priority, for all times and in all instances. And a hotel guest service recovery module can help them get there, effectively.
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