he had been impaled with RuneScape gold the Staff of Armadyl

After the conflict involving Zaros and Zamorak where he had been impaled with RuneScape gold the Staff of Armadyl, Zaros was made to transform in an ethereal form which traveled the multiverse until eventually settling upon Freneskae where he managed to recover electricity by absorbing the Elder God essence in muspah as creations of Mah. We are aware that during this time traveling Zaros was unable to perceive anything or even think, and with that in mind you may be left wondering Zaros was able to find his way back to Freneskae. Can Mah call his character back just as she did to the Mahjarrat over the ages? Or did he just bounce by chance, landing on the right one which allowed him to reform until finally, between planets and planes? If the former, why could he have some chance to travel the multiverse in form, and did something so significantly unlikely occur in any respect?

In Runefest 2018 a journal from a Fremminik warrior called Fell Arnesson was shared. In this diary we discover while trying to go to the White Lands that Fell travelled from Gielinor through a north of Relleka into Leng. Leng was a cold, icy uninhabited world characterized by ice, which went on as far as the eye could see, perpetuated by snowstorms and blizzards in the distance. But, Fell arrived to discover that Leng was occupied by at least three creatures- that the first two of these were a giant, glacial-sized glacors, and a repulsive slug-like creature that was simple enough to slay but (sadly ) inedible. The third was that which he described as a cloaked man whose face he could not make out that didn't respond to some of his attempts to prevent him, talk to him, or anything else- that presumably suspended wanderer only walked in buy OSRS gold circles round the entire world of Leng, oblivious to all that surrounded him and all that he did.


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