hardest quest in RuneScape gold.

It was, for a long time, considered the longest and hardest quest in RuneScape gold. Although some newer quests such as Nomad's Elegy or The Lord of Vampyrium are generally considered to be more difficult in terms of combat, While Guthix Sleeps is still regarded as having one of the most immersive storylines in the game, and is often claimed to be one of the greatest quests released.
“     Movario licked his dry, cracked lips, not taking his eyes off the ancient book in front of him. His hand, acting almost like a separate entity, scratched spidery notes onto parchment. He knew who V was, but the references to the stone intrigued him. Fragmentary thoughts were gathering, forming up together into something important – but something was missing, some key detail. With trembling fingers he turned the yellowed page.

“The stone was clearly not of this world...”

A triumphant scratch of Movario's quill tore through the parchment. That was it! After all this time his research was finally bearing fruit!''

The antiquated surroundings of the temple afforded little warmth, and the only luxury was the lone, guttering candle by which he read. The chill still reached inside, but it did not register for Movario as buy OSRS gold his unyielding research ground on through the days.


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