Gum Disease West Chester PA Specialist Offers Accurate Diagnosis & Cure

Periodontist is a dentist who specializes in the gum, bone and connective tissues that surround and support your teeth and thus they are expert in everything that is related to your teeth. Gum Disease West Chester PA is a broad term for a group of different oral disease which have same outcome that is loss of attachment of the gum and connecting tissues and bone to the teeth.

Periodontist are experts in the diagnosis and treatment of all disorders and diseases of the supporting structures of the teeth, over and above periodontal medicine and dental implant tooth replacement systems. Since most gum diseases are caused by the bacterial biofilm that collects around the teeth in the absence of effective daily oral hygiene it is in fact the way the body's immune (resistance) system reacts to it. Today, Gum Disease Wilmington DE field encompasses how periodontal disease and systemic disease impact each other.

According to recent studies many people have destructive gum disease, which leads to the question how gum disease occurs? Beneath the beautiful smile of yours there are bones that support the teeth if the bones are losing periodontal attachment they are paving the way for gum disease. Unfortunately Gum Disease Media PA is generally asymptomatic and approaches silently. Thus it is possible that patients do not notice any early warning signs such as slight bleeding when you brush or floss, slight redness and inflammation of the gum margins, bad taste or breathe. Later on the symptoms and consequences are severe and you will recognize them as abscesses, loose or moving teeth, and ultimately tooth loss.

The treatment of gum diseases depends upon their cause so accurate diagnosis is essential beginning with a comprehensive periodontal evaluation. It is crucial that you approach the experienced periodontist to treat your gum disease.

Most early to moderate precautions, common treatments and objectives for averting gum diseases includes:

  • Instructing the patients to achieve optimum daily biofilm (plaque) control at home with brushing and flossing
  • It is essential to make sure that you receive a thorough professional teeth cleaning — known as scaling and root planing, or root debridement — at the dental office.
  • More significant moderate to advanced disease can include occlusal (bite) treatment and/or surgical treatment. 

Since a general dentist cannot do all these things you need to see a specialist. Dr. Sam Khoury with his experienced team of professionals offers everything, from gentle dentistry to complex dental procedures, in order to keep the smile of their patients at its best.


Gum Disease Media PA

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