Ground Support Equipment

Ground Support Equipment is an integral part of the aviation industry. GSE are mechanical tools which are specifically designed to perform the maintenance tasks on an aircraft and its equipment. Efficient GSE and related services are needed to achieve smooth and successful aircraft operations in both the military and civil spheres. Experts working in aviation industry need the right GSE resources to operate efficiently. There are different types of ground support equipment which is of great importance for the proper functioning of the aviation industry.

The following are some commonly used GSE.

Aircraft ground power unit:

The GPU is an external power source, it provides the power supply for the aircraft system and aircraft servicing. A Ground Power Unit can either be a mobile or fixed unit which can be attached to the power system of the aircraft to supply the necessary power. The Ground Power Unit typically consists of a diesel generator, though it can also be found in other configurations, depending upon the requirements of the customer.

Belt Loaders:

This piece of ground support equipment is used every time you fly. Belt loader is a machine equipped with one or more moveable belts which is placed under the aircraft door with the belt attached in diagonal position. This machine is integrated in a way that cargo and baggage could be placed onto the belt from the ground and the belt rolls up to fetch the load in the aircraft.

Aircraft Tugs/ Tow Tractors

With a towing capacity up to 180,000 lbs, aircraft tugs are very specialized . Pulling a plane by hand is cumbersome procedure but with tow tractors, aircraft, mechanical equipment and also luggage, can be transported easily from a place to another.

  • Baggage carts and tractors

Baggage carts and tractors are an ideal solution for towable luggage needs. Airports and airbases cover a large area and it becomes a very daunting task to transport items from one end to other. Here the mobile carts and tractors become very helpful. The standard manufacturing and designing make these tools durable and capable of carrying heavy loads.

  • Lavatory cart/trucks:

Lavatory carts and trucks are needed to maintain cleanness and hygiene. Every airport and airbase needs efficient lavatory services and equipment for the removal of human waste.

  • Nitrogen and Oxygen Carts:

Nitrogen and oxygen tanks are a must for aircraft and airplanes. All airports need to have carts that supply fuel to the aircraft. One can also rent these products or can purchase refurbished airport ground support equipment, depending upon the requirement.

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