Going to the fair? Here's what to wear

What will you wear to the fair?

Let’s start at the bottom: footwear. It is tempting to slip into flip flops, but you’ll be doing lots of walking, so running shoes will give you much-needed support (and keep your feet cleaner!) so you don’t get tired so quickly. If you'll be staying for a country music concert, boots are a necessity!

Check the weather forecast for the entire day before heading out to the fair. If it will be cloudy and cooler, jeans make a good choice. If your favorite forecaster predicts a typical August day with highs in the 80s or 90s, ditch the jeans in favor of shorts. Be sure the ones you pick are not so tight that they will ride up or dig in when you sit on the rides or in the grandstand. Make sure your shorts are long enough to prevent your legs from sticking to plastic seats or picking up splinters from wooden seats. Make sure you have pockets for extra money and a cell phone. You really don’t want to carry a purse (or wear a fanny pack!); keep your hands free for munching corn-on-the-cob and waving to friends.

T-shirts or tank tops will top off your outfit. Avoid tube tops or going braless unless you are very young, thin and flat-chested. Light colors will keep you cooler than dark colors.

A ball cap will keep the sun off your face and also keep you cool. A cowboy hat is even cooler!

Have fun eating, playing, and sight-seeing at the fair!

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