Funny Paintball Team Name Suggestions

Funny paintball team name suggestions
"Paintball has always grown from players inviting friends to play; that's how I got into paintball, and more than likely, that's how you did too. You can help keep paintball going. Invite your friends to play paintball. Take your company's employees."
― Dan Reeler

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For many, paintball isn't just a game; it's a way of life. Spending a much-needed quality time with friends, that too on the field is what keeps these players sane. So, if you are planning on forming your own team, one of the most essential things to do is to decide the team's name. And to help you sort this issue, we've put together a few suggestions of our own.

Funny and Clever Paintball Team Names

A good way to ensure that you don't hit your own mates, stick the team name you have finalized onto the jerseys and T-shirts. It not only will be unique, but will also motivate everyone during the game. But before you set foot in the field, make sure you have the proper paintball attire on.

Aggressive Painters
Be Quiet We're Trying
Blue Gunmen
Color Them Horror
Common Paint Machines
Crazy Crimsons
Crazy Paint Ladies
Don't Be a Pansy
Fools with Guns
Grand Splash Paintball
Green Flyers
Guns Shooting Paint
Marvel Us Now
Men at War
Mouthful of Paint
Multicolored Fools
No One Beats Us
Nutty Violets
Orange Crushers
Paint Faction
Paint My Ninja
Paint Punishment
Painter Assassins
Painters Assemble
PaintShop Pros
People Are Watching
Purple Planters
Ready for Battle
Red Monkeys
Sour Green Gamers
Splash Squad
Splatter You'll
Start Painting Now
Team Blackout
Team Blush Now
Team New Color
Team Red Hot Rods
The Brainy Balls
The Color Fetchers
The Cute Will Win
The Fearless Timid
The Flaming Fellas
The Ginger Men
The Red Bandwidths
The Silky Greens
The Smart Ballers
The Unused Paints
Time to Paint You
Triple Targets
We Are Rookies
We Can Go All Day
We're Getting There
Who Won the Game?
You're Going Down

You don't necessarily have to choose the exact names that are mentioned above. Put your thinking caps on, and be as creative as you can be. Include other team members in order to finalize the name that everyone likes and agrees upon.
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