Funny Cide makes appearance at Saratoga Race Course (Video)

Kentucky Derby winner in 2003, Funny Cide caused much interest and enthusiasm in his racing career and about his owners. He brought such a down-to-earth story to the public.

Small wonder that Funny Cide engendered an intensity from people anxious to meet him during his visit to Saratoga Race Course this past weekend on August 3.

During his racing days, he “singlehorsedly” created curiosity and a loyal fanbase by a devoted public. People were enthusiastic about his bid for the Triple Crown. In New York, interest in Funny Cide approached fever pitch as this hard-running humble-roots horse ran in the Kentucky Derby – Funny Cide became the first New York-bred horse to win the Derby.

For a racehorse, it can be said of Funny Cide that he had a mundane beginning, having originally cost a paltry $22,000 as a yearling. His “people horse” appeal multiplied due to his owners who pooled the money to purchase him. Perhaps the most appealing part of Funny Cide’s story is that his owners arrived at the Triple Crown races in school buses – and this overwhelmingly won widespread appeal with the public.

Funny Cide makes appearance at Saratoga Race Course
Funny Cide makes appearance at Saratoga Race Course
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Funny Cide takes meeting the public in his usual stride, being used to fame and glory. He now resides permanently at the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington, Kentucky, where he makes daily appearances.

During his visit to his old turf, Funny Cide visited with friends and acquaintances, and to help raise donations for the care of other Thoroughbreds at the Old Friends retirement farm.

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