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Do you or anybody from your family or friends is suffering due to the family disputes and conflicts at home? Are there kids involved? If yes then it is not good, since conflicts and disputes have negative effects on the psych of every individual involved. However the kids are at highly at risk of developing psychological problems. Adults too suffer from various psychological problems. So, if you come across a family that is undergoing turmoil, if you find a couple who are dealing with an ongoing process of breaking up, then you should take immediate action!

There are various agencies that offer services that deal with divorce and mediation in Melbourne! These agencies are backed by highly experienced practitioners who make help couples in trouble come to an agreement or mend their relationship by being a mediator in between the two parties. There are many who are suffering and are undergoing stress and strain caused due to conflicts, but are not sure if they should take a stance. For those who dont know where to draw the line and what exactly is conflict, then the below listed pointers are sure to help you understand the situation better

The parents involved in the conflict are always very angry
The parents/ couple involves do not trust each other ( which is the base of any relationship)
They are most of the time verbally abusive and at times, this rage can make them being physically abusive too.
They seem to ignore and avoid each other for no good reason
They always interfere and argue
They visit the court a lot many times
They intimidate threaten and control each other
They are aggressive or violent most of the time (mostly in the presence of each other)
They find it difficult to communicate about the kids to each other
When it comes to parenting, they criticize each others skills

These behaviours create the atmosphere tensed in the family and the kids are the most vulnerable to the harmful effects of these conflicts. Some of the problems faced by the kids in these environment are listed below (we are sure, you wouldnt want your child to go through any of these, we are sure you too want a happy life for your child), this is the reason why there are so many agencies that offers services dealing with family conflict resolution in Melbourne.

The kids who are exposed to such environments might

Not be able to make/ keep friends
Have less self-confidence
Get overwhelmed by his/ her feelings
Not believe in him/herself
Not be able to make healthy relationships in adulthood
Make poor types of attachments with parents.
Show distress in ways that are not accepted socially
Suffer from depression
Lose his/her ability to trust
Not be able to handle his/ her feelings well
Not perform well in school

So, if you are in the midst of a family dispute then we would suggest you to take some professional help, agencies like Melbourne Relationship Centre are known for providing superior quality services, services that deals with family dispute resolution in Melbourne.
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Jacob Schuler is a professional relationship counsellor, working for last 15 years in the field of divorce and mediation in Melbourne. He here writes on family dispute resolution in Melbourne. Article Published On: - Relationships
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