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U.S. immigration law is very complex, and there is much confusion among outsiders as to how it works and to get a visa or green card to settle in US. The U.S immigration law is endorsed by the senate which provides authority over immigration matters, and the US department of foreign affairs controls the entry and exit of all the foreign travelers, students and job seekers, across the U.S. border and international frontiers. Immigration policy of United States reflects multiple goals. Firstly, it serves to reunite families like who already have family members in U.S. can acknowledge immigrants. If they are experiencing shortage for labor, that time they seek to admit workers who are having specific skills, so that they can fill the required position. Third, they provide refuge to people who are under the risk of racial, political, or religious persecution in their country. And many similar goals are enlisted in the immigration policy of the U.S.

American immigration policy ( شرايط مهاجرت به آمريکا ) is closely interwoven to other national policies and economic goals which are mentioned under:

• Tax, tariff and trade rules decide that what goods immigrants should bring with them, what services should be rendered by immigrants when they are in the country for the time period. Almost every citizen or resident of any of the signatory nations should move and seek work anywhere within the America.

• The immigration policy permits people with good business acumen to avail a platform in U.S so as to invest in businesses, in exchange for approving visa, permanent resident status or early issuance of passport.

Being an Iranian if you want to settle in U.S. or want to a get a job there all alone, then undoubtedly you need assistance from US immigration lawyer in Iran (وکيل مهاجرت به آمريکا در ايران ) If you are willing to relocate to America, then you might face legal hurdles while applying for a work visa or a citizenship. Thus, an immigration lawyer can be a great support for you.

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