Find out Why Islam is the Fastest Growing Religion in the World

Letting the numbers speak for themselves, Islam is the second largest, and the fastest growing religion in the world. Islam is the purest form of divine law uttered by Allah that many adherents of both Islamic and non-Islamic countries follow religiously with peace. But most people wrongly hold misconceptions about Islam for preaching violence or associate it with terrorism because of certain outfits that are ruining the name of this great religion, and spoiling the faith of those who truly follow it. Facts about Islam, state that it is absolutely against violence. It has beliefs of a heaven after death, and death as a concept is preached to be a process of rebirth, eliminating the concept of mortality. For such a beautiful religion, better understanding is much needed in the world.

The religion follows the holy book called Quran. The Quran has preaching’s from Muhammad and is said to be an advanced and modified version of the teachings in the bible, which was basically god’s guidelines manipulated by mankind. Most Muslim communities are full of peaceful people who have the clarity of life and are rigid in their concepts of god and heaven. The religion is so widespread that it has followers in almost every country of the world. Islam follows the concept that there is only one true god, and his name is Allah. Everyone else the world worships, are preachers of the teachings of Allah. These preachers include the likes of Jesus, Moses and Abraham, who are in fact, worshipped as gods themselves in different religions.

The fact about Islam is that it is in fact one peaceful religion which has been misconceived by a lot of people around the world. To eliminate these misconceptions, an initiative called has been successful in treating the malignancy that has formed in the minds of the uninformed. Especially in America, “Why Islam?” provides a series of blog posts, articles and general information about the beautiful religion that more to it than most people think they know. So, why Islam? the real question is, why not?

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