Find More About Sex Addiction and the Sufferings of Addict’s Partners

Sex addiction is the condition when an individual is severely obsessive about intense sexual thoughts, fantasies and such activities. These thoughts, fantasies and activities entice the person so much that the person continuously gets engaged in sexual experiences, even after facing adverse consequences. Any kind of addiction occupies the psychic space and manipulates behavioral activities. And the same happens with sex addiction.

A person often looses the balance of life and psyche when the person gets indulge in sexual activities so much that it exceeds the normalcy. Sex addiction can also be termed as the intimacy disorder exhibiting the extreme sexual behavior and other compulsive disorder. Addictive behavioral disorder restricts the individual to bond and splice with etiquettes of intimacy. When such things happen along with individual the partners of sex addicts GTA also suffers.

Sex addiction is a thing from very long time and it has been discussed more often than not, but the thing which needs extra attention is the impact of such addictions on the partners of individuals. Due to psychic and behavioral disorders a person develops the sex addiction, but the partner or spouse of the addictive individual have to suffer the trauma and pain even after having complete sanity. Partner of the sex addict go through wide range of traumatic emotions and reactive behaviors, albeit it is not the partners fault. Extreme engagement of sex addict in sexual activities on the internet or in the real world drives the sex addict's partner towards the betrayal trauma GTA.

Betrayal trauma and other similar issues with the partners of sex addicts is actually becoming a real big thing. People feel lost, depressed and cheated when they come to know about sexual compulsive disorder of their partner. If you are also facing such problem, your partner is also into such stuff than don’t worry you are not alone. There are many people out there suffering and fighting these problems.

Helplessness, sadness, anxiety, anger, confusion, isolation, diminished intimacy and many other are the feelings and emotions one faces when they find out about their partners conditions. If you are also going through such traumas then take quick measures and come out of such depressive feelings. The best thing to do is take the counseling session from Jacqueline Thibodeau. Jacqueline Thibodeau is a social worker counseling the people who are in trouble because of their partner’s addiction.

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Jacqueline Thibodeau is a well known social worker and counselor who provide help for spouses of sex addicts GTA. Know more about Jacqueline Thibodeau: visit

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