Filemaker 13 - Ways In Which It Will Impact Your Business

In terms of being user-friendly, FileMaker was always preferred but the latest version 13 cosies up to both developers as well as consumers. There are several new features which aim at cross platform deployment along with aesthetic database design. The features will aid you and have a great impact on your business. In fact, the very basic database creation tool is extremely helpful since most of the hard work is done by it on your behalf.

Starter Solutions- This new feature is a package that consists of 16 various kinds of generic database which you can use. The tools include project management, task, product catalogue as well as invoicing. Effectively, there is a bundled up set of apps to be built with targeted educational, business as well as domestic uses. Since the databases are editable you will be able to remove or add fields; this means that every time a new database is created the wheel does not need to be reinvented.

Mobile support- The version comes with multiplatform support which can be very accommodating. The iOS support is much enhanced which helps users access the databases through FileMaker Go for iPad and iPhone. Whenever you need mobile as well as dynamic data you can rely on this feature. On top of that, types and field behaviours acting like native iOS are supported by the layout editor, thus making your databases almost indistinguishable from the usual iOS apps. It supports touch-screen taps, slide-control objects and gestures. The devices camera can be used for barcode reading support as well.

WebDirect- The breakthrough technology of WebDirect combines the simplicity of web browsers with the power of desktop applications so that business information may be shared as well as managed. It runs direct custom business solutions in web browser on laptops or desktops without needing any web development skills. To use it, the web solutions should be enabled in Pro 13 and then hosted on Server 13. Concurrent connections can be used for accessing of the solutions; one concurrent connection is built-in and included. Additional ones must be purchased.

Stronger security- All your business data is protected at all locations due to the support of the new database encryption feature of AES 256-bit. Even the SSL certificate management has been improved which makes the databases more protected. All clients can be supported by the use of just a single SSL certificate. The encryption state indicator is a new addition which appears during secure connection from Pro 13 to Server 13. The indicator becomes green when third-party certificates validate the connection.

Brand new Admin Console- For secure as well as instant access from near about any web browser, the server admin console has been given a total makeover with rewritings in HTML5. The administrative tasks can now be performed more quickly and faster status updates of the databases can be got. This console features a whole new feel and look, putting important details right at your fingertips. For easier analysis as well as detection, the top of Status tab displays warning and error alerts. More granular information related to performance of FileMaker Server can be received from the enhanced Statistics tab.

HTTP Post- This feature will enable increase of FileMaker/Web interactions. The harnessing is done through URL steps Insert. You have to create global field on your scripts layout from which it is running.

Streamlining database uploads- The database deployment processes can now be streamlined with faster database uploads. Just a solution has to be built and then directly uploaded from Pro 13 to Server 13. This will allow faster file transfers. On top of that there are no file size limits.

For the users of FileMaker the upgrading will hardly pose any problem. The version has been significantly influenced from the features of the previous version which were already there. The new layout features are quite powerful as well as easy to adopt. So your business can reap the benefits of the update but without you having to undergo any major headache.

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