Evan Miles: Fishing Tips

Evan Miles, an experienced sport bass fisherman, enjoys the thrill of the catch, knowing that no experience has quite the same draw or lure as that of reeling in your next fish. A well-known fishing competitor throughout his local region, Evan Miles continues to experience success in tournaments across the area, leading the Centenary College Bass Fishing Club towards continued successes in many bass fishing competitions.

It’s safe to say that Evan Miles understands a thing or two about fishing, not only how to optimize the chance of the next big catch, but also to create better and more successful opportunities to have a more enjoyable and exciting fishing experience. Below, he shares some tips to those looking to obtain a better and more enjoyable freshwater fishing experience.

Look for the Right Area

Be sure, says Evan Miles, to scout out the most productive or successful areas of the river or lake you’re traveling to before departing on your next fishing adventure. These “hot-spots”, as many call them, often provide the best opportunity to reel in your limit in mere hours. Often times, he says, the best areas to fish are where the water goes from shallow to deep, the places freshwater fish commonly go to feed.

Seek Out Vegetation

Fish often feed in mossy or high vegetation areas of the water, says Evan Miles, so do your best to drop your line as close to these spots as possible. Introduce your bait or lure as part of the vegetation, and you’ll be sure to increase your odds of an enthusiastic and hungry bite.

Check Local Fishing Reports

Most states and local communities, says Evan Miles, offer fishing reports on how much fish are biting, what they are biting on, and the successes other fishermen are typically having at local lakes, rivers and streams. Make sure these reports are up to date before considering the information.

The Earlier, The Better

Sunrise is known as a great time to fish for a reason, says Evan Miles. The earlier you reach your fishing destination, i.e. sunrise, the better chances you will most likely have to catch fish while they begin their morning feeding. Historically, sunrise has always been one of the best times to drop a line in the water, no matter what you’re fishing for.


Seasoned fisherman like Evan Miles understands the value of patience during a fishing trip. Remember, fish aren’t always going to bite, and fishing is often a hit or miss proposition that relies on the placement of the line, the type of bait, etc. Often times there will be long periods of waiting between bites and catches.



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