Eric Hauglum: Passionate About Cars

Eric Hauglum is very passionate about cars. As a current student at Washington State University (WSU) in Pullman, Washington, Eric Hauglum demonstrates a serious dedication to his studies, however, Eric Hauglum has always performed well as a student. Eric Hauglum has a track-record of educational success during both his primary and secondary studies. Today, Eric Hauglum is a pledge of the Delta Upsilon Fraternity; an organization that he joined second semester at WSU.


Additionally, Eric Hauglum has attained the highest rank available in the Boy Scouts of America’s Boy Scouting Organization; Eagle Scout.


While Eric Hauglum stays quite busy between his various activities, he still devotes much of his spare time to his passion for cars. Eric Hauglum has a long-held passion for automobiles. As a car enthusiast, Eric Hauglum has amassed a deep knowledge of various makes and models of cars, from classics, to the latest cutting edge vehicles.


Eric Hauglum is an active participant and fan of car shows. As a resident of Pullman, Washington, Eric Hauglum enjoys spending time driving his car throughout the area, which is plentiful in sightseeing opportunities as well as wide-open road. Eric Hauglum says that when it comes to being a car enthusiast, the only rule is that you know what you like.


To achieve this requirement, according to Eric Hauglum, it is advisable to attend a car show. Many car lovers, perhaps surprisingly, have never attended a car show. Eric Hauglum says that car shows are designed to cater to the desires of all car enthusiasts. Car shows feature a wide-range of motor-vehicles, from 2-wheelers to cars with up to 8 wheels. However, the primary type of automobile featured at car shows resemble the types of cars you might point-out while on a drive as being particularly impressive – however at car shows, continues Eric Hauglum, you have a chance to behold the latest in car design through cars that have yet to be released to the market.


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